The Guides

Alex Hundertmark
DFG Guide / Manager
Born and raised in Alaska, Alex spends the thawed months fishing all over the state. As a dedicated fly fisherman and fly-tier of over 10 years, fly-fishing has become his favorite method for chasing Alaska’s numerous game fish from the grayling near his winter home in Fairbanks to king salmon in his home waters of the Kenai Peninsula. After finishing a Photo Journalism degree Alex hopes to dedicate more time than ever to the sport and share it with his friends and clients.

Monson “Junior” Nicklie
DFG Guide
Born and raised in Cantwell Alaska, Junior knows the area better than most. As our longest standing guide, he has been instrumental in our growth as a guide service into what we are today. Junior works as a guide in the summer and spends his winters traveling the country.

Rick McMahan
Founding Denali Fly Fishing Guides in 2001 owner Rick built the business from the ground up. As a local Rick is one of the few that stays in the area all year. Enjoying his leisure time rafting with his friends and dog Wilson he is always looking for new fishing holes and exploring new pocket water. Always happy to help Rick has accommodated many custom trips from multiday to private groups. Give him a call or shoot him an email from our contact page to make arrangements for your Denali fishing excursion.

Terry Wayne Boyd
DFG Guide
Originally from Russellville, Arkansas, Terry has been spending his summers in Denali since 2003. When the season is over he spends 4-6 weeks drifting with the fall colors across Western Canada back to Arkansas. He is a self-taught, semi-pro nature photographer of 11 years and has dedicated his life to spending the majority of his time on mountain streams pursuing his fishing and photography. After his father died in 1993 at the age of 40 he made a vow to live the life he always spoke and dreamed of, to be free in the challenge, peace, and serenity of the outdoors.