13 Aug 2011

Fall is here!

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Fall is creeping up the tips of the willows and the tundra is turning red. Fall is here at higher elevations and around the corner here in camp. With colder mornings comes fall fishing for big grayling on the Jack River!

It’s the last few weeks of the season but the fishing isn’t over. The jack is home to big black spawners as they come down from higher elevations following the bugs giving us a chance to fish the deeper holes for bigger fish.

Grayling full day trips are also doing very well out the Denali Highway. With the tundra changing to fall colors and the caribou on the move this is truly an amazing time to spend a day fishing the upper Nenana drainage for grayling!

Opportunities also abound to the South where subject to changes in water level big fall rainbows are still available. Recent rain has caused the Chulitna drainage to swell but water clarity in most streams is still good. Rain in the day or so previous will dictate if the streams will be too high for good walk in access.

Don’t miss out on the fish fattening up for winter! Call to book today!

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