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Grayling on Dries

Well, the grayling are holding up there end here on the Denali Highway. Insect life has been loving all our sunny weather meaning hatches all times of the day and hatches of insects we don’t always see. Happy bugs means happy fish and there is nothing more satisfying than watching fish rise to your fly. […]

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New month means new fishing opportunities for full days!

It’s that time of year again. Summer is flying by, the weather has been unusually nice and the salmon are in the rivers. With the salmon comes and opportunity to chase trophy grayling and rainbows eating eggs and salmon flesh! Unfortunately we do not offer these destinations on our half day trip so if it’s […]

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They’re back!

With the rain comes higher water but it also brings the big ones back into their usual holes. It was a dry spring and some of our favorite holes are holding fish again thanks to this weeks rain. We’re also thankful to see the fire risk go down! Salmon are also starting to show up […]

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