19 Jun 2011

Hot and sunny!

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Well, it’s hot and sunny here in Cantwell. I’ve been getting my fair share of sun burn. The mosquitoes have been a little thicker than usual the last few days but the fish have been incredibly active as a result. Although many clients have been averaging 4 to 1o fish many have caught upwards of 30 and 40 if they have the touch for a subtle hook set. The fish have finally started to move back into the higher country and fishing has been reported as good out the Denali Highway.

The Parks highway has been slow for Rainbows as far south as Byers Creek but should improve any day. In past years the rainbows show up about now but due to a late thaw everything has been about a week to 2 weeks behind.

We also regret to inform our jet boat hopefuls that we will no longer be taking jet boat trips due to the changes in one of our fishing holes that the jet boats run to upstream. The beavers don’t seem to be around and due to a broken damn the ponds we fished in the past are not holding fish and we take clients where the fish are. We are still having very productive half day and full day trips out the DH! Lots of dry fly action with the occasional nymphing opportunity in the deeper water or when the sun ducks behind a cloud.

Tight lines!

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